Saturday, December 07, 2013


So, Iv decided to MOVE!
The reason being is, when I first started blogging, I loved it,
It was a place where I could express anything I wanted that was going on around me or in my head,
But lately This blog has been not working out for me,
I haven't enjoyed it as mush as I used to, I have not been blogging regularly and in 2014 my new blog 
Will take this over and I will discontinue this one.
H O U S E      OF    A M A R A N T H

Sunday, September 22, 2013



Sorry for the late post, but been busy with school and I haven't really had time:(

But last week I went to London fashion week some of y'all might of known by my Instagram @olliversarmy x
I had a great time met up with KAVITA from she wears fashion, BYRON LONDON,DANNI MACKNESS,VICTORIA from Honey blood AND Leanne from Thunder & Threads , I'll put there links below. Unfortunately London fashion week have changed their regime for bloggers so we have to apply online which I wasn't aware about. 
But THAT doesn't matter, went to the bloggers lounge got free glasses from Osiris glasses I'll link them below. Got interviewed 4 times unfortunately I can't find them because only PAUSE MAGAZINE and I think one said Wall street Journal ? gave me there business card :(
Was going to take some street style but I didn't get round to it because there wasn't much plus I wasn't at summer set house for that long:( so sorry if this was a boring post.


Friday, May 31, 2013

AGI & SAM X TOPMAN Summer Style

Last night was AGI & Sam for TOPMAN,
I had a lovely time there great space  and the collection was really beat,
Summery suits and sport inspired outfits perfect for spring/summer or any season :)!
it was displayed on the walls all around with football tables
the collection was inspired my lasts year memorable Olympics in London and sport,
most of the pieces had a sporty vibe but there were a few super cool looks 

here are some of the ones I hope to buy.
Make sure to buy yours Online or at TOPMAN Oxford circus 

Credit Topman

0845 121 4519

Had a nice catch up with Elvia, my friend from fashion week two seasons ago so nice to see someone i knew! Also met Made in Chelsea Star Proudlock ! 

Elvia'  blog :

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fashion Illustrator Luc McElvaney!

Luc McElvaney is a fashion illustrator and Graphic designer based in London . His illustrations are so unique and colourful. I love how he can interpret the person he is drawing and make it totally unique and unbelievable and incredible and still look like the person, and capture there personality :)
The colours he uses the style and everything I love ! He recently did portraits of Byron LONDON ,and Alis Pelleschi, and Boadicea Claridge.

Each of his drawings are pieces of art there isn't one that is amazing there all amazing and great.

Like his Facebook page !

AlunaGeorge - Attracting Flies

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Blogging Sanctuary

So I'm going to share my blogging experience with y'all

With what feels like just a few months (half a year) ! Iv been trying really hard to make my room my sanctuary. Calvin Klein candles handmade cushions faux fur throws painting cupboards etc :) x

Today I'm going to share with you where I blog. In maaaa roooom :) my sanctuary is nearly finished I need to save up my money for a mirror that will reflect light from the window since I got the darkest room in the house like the sun never shines in my room I don't know why :(
But here is my desk my cushion I made and my favourite chair ever I bought with my birthday and Christmas money :)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Yesterday at fashion week

I have to be honest usually February is the seasons that isn't as good as September!
But yesterday was amazing I had the best time ever with my friends : Hannah , Kavita and Laura that I met last season
and I met some really nice friends this season Jodie Davey and Lauren Mahon that I met :) unfortunately Tom and Isaias and Isaias 's friend Taylor were planning to come but they couldn't make it :( but we deffo have to do something soon x
Met some amazing people and getting flattered by Kate Nash calling me cute *.*
I mean wow getting a photo and hug by Marina and the Diamonds !

Like seriously so happy with everything at the moment and especially since 2013 was such a rubbish start this has really made me happy ! Even though I only went for one day at fashion week it was the best day got some great street style shots and got some amazing badges from topshop ! Thanks Toppy !! :)
Went to Tom Van Der Broght which is a Berlin designer and his stuff is always really quirky and amazing so happy I got an invite thanks Tom ! There was free champagne and all the clothes looked fit!!
Then I went to the blogger lounge and had a nice relaxing time in a nice warm room :D

Monday, January 07, 2013

Topman Design A/W 2013

Topman Design fall winter 2013.
It was amazing , there were around three or four light up pillars which set of the atmosphere as soon I walked in.

The music was great ,the clothes were amazing. When it started I got a vibe of clean and crisp with creamy jackets with a fur rim hood ,metallic over sized rucksacks
and creamy suits. Then the putty / muddy grey Aztec woollen suits then quit earthy clay like greys which I loved ! Then oranges,reds and some pinks which a great and I think everyone  should own.
Just saying.:)

My Outfit
Coat :Uniqlo
 Bronze Blazer :Topman
Trousers :Topman
Shirt :Vintage
Shoes : Ask the missus
There was a oversized rucksack that I absolutely love so much and if i remember correctly it was             red and brown ? 
actually started saving up for it.

              For me this collection was very sensual in a way for me . I just would like to own the whole         collection:)

0845 121 4519

0845 121 4519

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